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Alexis limits her practice to criminal defense, civil rights, and personal injury litigation.


Criminal Defense


If you have been charged with a crime or are being investigated, your selection of an attorney and when you select that attorney are two of the most critical choices you can make. Above all, you should retain an attorney who you can trust and who has the experience necessary to represent you. With any selection, you should meet with the attorney prior and request their professional experience in handling matters similar to yours.


Alexis has experience handling a large volume of criminal cases in both government and private practice. These cases include misdemeanors through serious felonies, with potential sentencing ranging from fines through life in prison.


As a passionate advocate for her clients, Alexis provides her commitment to aggressive defense, creative thinking, and upholding the civil and constitutional rights of her clients.


Types of cases handled:


-All Felonies other than Capital Murder

-Gross Misdemeanors


-Non-Capital Murder


-Assault & Battery



-Reckless Driving

-Domestic Disputes

-Drug Crimes




-Criminal record sealing

-Traffic tickets

-Vehicular manslaughter


Personal Injury


Within personal injury litigation, all cases should not be handled the same. This may and does occur at many law firms. There is no such thing as a typical car accident or a typical slip and fall. Each case has particular facts that set it apart from others. For a free evaluation, contact Alexis directly.


Types of injury cases handled include:


-Injuries in casinos/commercial properties

-Auto/motorcycle accidents

-Assault & Battery

-Dangerous products

-Auto accidents while pregnant

-Accidents caused by drunk drivers

-Pedestrian/vehicle accidents

-Negligent Security

-Nightclub injuries


Civil Rights Cases


-Alexis focuses her civil rights practice on representing Nevada's prison inmates in civil rights violation cases involving death, assault, battery, negligence, and the denial of proper medical care and treatment.




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